Anthropology teaches these days that from the diverse subdivisions of hominids, the Neanderthal were the closest to modern humans, also called Homo Sapiens, or ‘Thinking Man’ in academic Latin terms. But also, that they were closer to the ape-like hominids than the Homo Sapiens, and therefore, had a different organic composition, that even though they were similar to modern humans, still, they had a great part of irrational animal in them, and therefore, they could not be considered 100% humans (1)

Before the year 1980, they were considered to have existed before modern man, and to have been a step in the evolution of humanity, and that they became extinct before the arrival of modern man, or Homo Sapiens, who we are now (2).

After 1980, they were thought to have survived until the arrival of the Sapiens, but that they were hunted like animals by modern humans, and therefore, were brough into extinction.

However, from the year 1990 onwards, they are considered to have intermixed with modern men, and eventually, their extinction is considered to have happen as consequence of wars with the Sapiens, and mostly intermixing, through marital unions between male Sapiens and Neanderthal women, producing a mixed offspring that eventually assimilated through further intermixing into our modern genome (3)


Science has been profitable for humanity always.

It has brought us information, medicine, education, clothing, food, transport, entertainment and many other things which without, our lives would be very precarious. But as anything human, it is not perfect.

The way their anthropology has changed regarding this topic of Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens, the same way it has changed in all areas, as time goes pass and new discoveries are made or a better understanding of facts occur, which has forced scientist to change their statements, and all under the same excuse that science is fallible.

We must agree with that concept, that nothing human is perfect, and therefore, Science is also fallible, but even though we do not condemn it, since it is born from our God given capacity to learn and rationalize, we must also never pledge our lives to it, because it will let us down.

Regarding the Neanderthals and Sapiens, we must say under the infallible guide of the Scripture, that GOD created humans, and there is no evolution in his creation.

Having said this, we also have the living example of Australian aboriginals, Asian tribes, African tribes and Nordic tribes.

Their appearance is so drastically different among themselves, that it would be nearly impossible to say they were all related if we saw them for the first time. But they are all human.

Humanity is united in a common pool of chromosomes and chemical components that are common to all, regardless of their physical appearance.

From the apish look of an Australian aboriginal who had the English believing in the 1700’s that they were Australian fauna and not humans; to the beauty of a Nordic woman and her refined features, all share the same capacity to reason, create, feeling, and belief in the afterlife, a distinct mark of been human; and furthermore, the capacity of speaking and procreating across all sub-races.

The capacity of procreation between a primitive aboriginal and a refined Nordic, proves that they are both humans, that none of them is animal, and that all share the same chromosomes. The same thing cannot be said from a human trying to impregnate a dog, or cat, or horse, or even gorillas. They may produce a ball of meat, but it would be deformed and born dead, because they are not supposed to intermix by the will of the Creator.

So, we can only conclude that NEANDERTHALS, HEIDERLBERGENSIS, DENISOVANS, HABILIS, ERECTUS and all under the catalogue of HOMO HABILIS, were FULLY HUMAN, with their own particular characteristics, mostly primitive features, but 100% after all, and all with the capability of intermixing across the board.

And all of them, descended from ADAM AND EVE.

Omar Flores

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